About WilsonWireless

No Fluff Recipes and Food Blog

The Concept of WilsonWireless Started as a desire to add all my recipes to a searchable database that any device could access—then expanded into sharing my skills as I draw upon my 20+ years of experience through blog posts with step-by-step guides on how to make the perfect bread dough too roasting meat. The recipes will be kept separate, with no lengthy description of why it is such a good recipe or how it was developed or passed down through my family, what I call no fluff recipes. Only the recipe with tips and tricks, links to where to purchase the ingredients, and links to blog posts with a more significant technical explanation for further learning and understanding.

Personal Blog

In my blog, I will talk about my experiences as a Transgender individual and what it was like growing up in the LDS church. Next, I will share what I have learned about life over the years, how those discoveries have impacted and changed my life, and how I treat others. Finally, I will discuss human rights and some of my experiences where my rights had been violated, how this has impacted how I view life, and why I will stand up for others and their rights.

About Me

Jayce Wilson My name is Jayce Wilson, and my pronouns are they/she. I am a Trans-Feminine-Nonbinary individual. What is Trans-Feminine-Nonbinary? It means I don’t identify as a male, but I also do not fully identify as a female, just somewhere in between. So, if we were to look at gender as a spectrum or a sliding scale with male on one end and female on the other, I fit on that scale somewhere in the middle but leaning more toward the female side. This is also called a Demi-Girl.

My interests, and the main reason for WilsonWireless, are human rights, especially Trans-Rights, cooking and baking, and computers. With that said, I plan to explore these interests and share the knowledge and experiences I have gained over my life with those willing to learn.

As someone who has had their rights trampled on and watched those who are close to me have their rights violated, Human Rights have become very important to me. Therefore, I will use this space to draw attention to social justice issues and do so by sharing my personal experiences as a transgender individual.

Cooking and baking have always been a big part of my life, and I remember as a six-year-old standing on a stool in front of the stove cooking bacon, and I was baking cakes by the time I was twelve. I’ve always made food with the anticipation of seeing all the joy on the faces of those experiencing my culinary creations. I will bring my 20+ years of professional experience to all the recipes and tutorials I share on WilsonWireless.

Another interest lies in Computers, and as the site fills out, I will share what I have learned tinkering with computers.